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Multi-System Youth: Update, Ohio Budget Activity

Posted in Medicaid, multi-system youth, Presentations

Stakeholders and legislators continue to advocate to improve service capacity and delivery for youth served by multiple child-serving systems in Ohio. In strong partnership with the Public Children Services Association of Ohio (PCSAO), a number of legislators created the Joint Legislative Committee on Multi-System Youth through Ohio’s last biennial budget (H.B. 64 of the 131st… Continue Reading

Multi-system youth: the need for additional and coordinated services

Posted in Behavioral Health, Care Coordination, Child protection, Medicaid, multi-system youth, Wrap-around

2/3/2017: Please see our latest post on multi-system youth at https://www.voryshcadvisors.com/2017/02/03/multi-system-youth-update/  “Multi-system” youth are children and adolescents served by multiple public systems, including state agencies providing both financing and direct services in the areas of: Child protection, Health care (often through Medicaid), Juvenile justice, Intellectual and developmental disabilities, Behavioral health care (both mental health and addiction services), Child… Continue Reading