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Medicaid Tools Added to VHCA Site

Posted in Behavioral Health, Health Care, Health Care Reform, Medicaid, Physical and Behavioral Health Integration

We have added several tools under the “Resources” tab that can be used to help navigate the complex Medicaid system.  We originally shared these tools at an ANCOR conference VHCA facilitated in January 2012. 

Under the Resources tab, you can now find:

  • A description of Medicaid case management/care coordination services and the federal authorities that underly them.
  • Definitions of core Medicaid principles (e.g., statewideness, freedom of choice of provider, comparability), whether they can be waived, and citations to corresponding federal authorities.
  • An explanation of the various types of managed care programs and authorities (e.g., State Plan managed care, 1915(b) managed care, 1115 managed care), and examples of states that use each authority for their programs.
  • A description of common Medicaid components or building blocks for behavioral health, substance use disorder, and developmental disability “specialty” Medicaid services.  These components and the associated federal statutory language authorize most of the specialty services for BH, SUD, and DD provided through Medicaid programs. 
  • Two ANCOR presentations, which include (1) information on the evolving federal context of Medicaid policy, (2) an overview of physical/behavioral health care integration, (3) details of Affordable Care Act provisions that impact Medicaid (including health homes and accountable care organizations), (4) an update on managed care, (5) core principles of Medicaid, (6) a discussion of case management, (7) foundational information on EPSDT, and (8) examples of states’ waiver programs.

We hope you find these tools helpful and welcome questions you may have.